AMCI specializes in oil and gas pipeline monitoring using mesh technology and designs that minimize power consumption and maximize reliability.

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AMCI Pressure Monitor Valve Control

Advanced Monitoring and Control, Inc. developed a system to monitor pressure on natural gas transmission lines developed the Valve Station Pressure Monitor (VSPM). This remote monitoring capability allows personnel in a control room environment to detect and respond to pipeline leaks or other abnormal conditions. Additionally, the VSPM provides the capabilities to open/close the valves and monitor the valve position.

The VSPM system provides the following capabilities:

  1. Monitor upstream and downstream pressures at pipeline valve locations and gas temperatures.
  2. Monitor backup battery voltage and current drain.
  3. Database storage of historical monitoring data.
  4. Remotely control valve Open/Close actuation.
  5. Configure alarm scenarios and report alarm conditions to multiple email addresses worldwide. Optionally configure Interactive Voice Response system to notify users an alarm condition has occurred.
  6. Wireless mesh technology eliminates the need for long Class 1 Div 1-2 wiring runs.
  7. Detected line-break 20 miles from Main Line Valve (MLV) where system was installed.


All Open and Close Valve Commands are challenged by the VSPM hardware. The challenge is a randomly generated authentication code sent to the Main Server to verify the command originated from the "true" Main Server. Once the code is received, the Main Server invokes an authentication function and returns the result to the VSPM. If the result is correct, the VSPM will carry out the actuator command. If incorrect, or if the Main Server does not respond, the VSPM ignores the command.

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Pressure Monitor Valve Control

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