AMCI specializes in oil and gas pipeline monitoring using mesh technology and designs that minimize power consumption and maximize reliability.

AMCI Rectifier Monitor | Advanced Monitoring & Control

AMCI Rectifier Monitor

Wireless Mesh Networking, Web Interface, SCADA Accessible, Low-Power, Solar Energy

The AMCI Rectifier Monitor is a cost effective solution to a variety of CP monitoring needs - rectifiers, critical bonds, test points. Its unique mesh design establishes a local communication network consisting of a base station (gateway) and compact CP nodes. When a line-of-sight is exists between the base station and a node, the system is easily capable of transmission distances of several thousand feet. In addition, "hopping", or relaying data packets, from one node to the next can extend coverage (maximum of 3 hops). No need to replicate costly cellular or satellite communications hardware to monitor nearby rectifiers, test points or critical bonds; just add the appropriate node. The AMCI CP RMU is designed to stand up to tough CP environments - the cellular or satellite communication gateway and node are physically separated. In addition, relays in the nodes, which provide 12 KV of surge protection, disconnect from the CP structure between measurements.

Power for Real Time Operation

An inconspicuous 3 sq. in. solar panel provides a reliable power source to recharge the gateway and CP node's battery. Ample power allows the system to operate real time to receive commands, update configuration data (i.e. alarm trip points), reporting frequencies, upgrade software and upload data files. The solar panel and battery pack have a design life of 8-10 years under normal operating conditions.

Batteries are low-cost and not classified as hazardous, eliminating the need for special handling during shipping and disposal.


The AMCI CP RMU is available with GSM/GPRS, CDMA, or satellite telemetry. The satellite LEO telemetry is small and compact; no need for extra power supplies (i.e. many satellite geostationary transceivers have power consumption requirements that can be 50 times greater); does not require special installation procedures often require with geostationary satellites.


The AMCI CP RMU is completely configurable on the AMCI website; define input parameters, alarm trip points, alarm notification (email, voice, SMS), reporting frequency, etc. All data is delivered to the AMCI website where it can be download in a number file formats to facilitate importing into an existing record keeping database. A SCADA interface option is also available.

Technical Specifications

Cellular GSM /GPRS Quad Band - Part # MSH 4301
Cellular CDMA - Part # MSH4302
Satellite Satellite (Iridium)- Part # MSH4310
Operating Environment Temp: -35°C to +80°C Humidity: 0-95% non-condensing
Power Solar panel. Internal battery pack rechargeable; 8-10 year life under normal operating conditions. Reserve power: 4-6 months of standby power.
Size Gateway -2" D x 15" L: CP Node - 6 1/2"L x 3"W x 1H".
Inputs Reading Resolution Range
Rectifier Voltage Channel (DC) 0.1V 0-100 V
Rectifier Current Channel (DC) 0.1 mV -50/50 mV
Ref Cell Channel (DC) 0.005 V 0-3 V
Website Monitoring Features
Configure/define inputs On/Off AC rectifier power
Set reporting frequency Voltage Channel 200 V
Set alarm thresholds Current Channel -100/100 mV
Select notification method Ref Channel - 0-5 V
Base Station

Base Station