AMCI specializes in oil and gas pipeline monitoring using mesh technology and designs that minimize power consumption and maximize reliability.

AMCI Smart Test Station | Advanced Monitoring & Control

AMCI Smart Test Station

The AMCI Smart Test Station is a multipurpose remote monitor capable of functioning as a stand-alone monitor/data logger or as a CP test station monitor mesh node and network gateway.

Uses include:

  • AC current density analysis.
  • ON-OFF P/S readings.
  • Test Point Monitoring.
  • Monitoring critical bonds.
  • Data acquisition for CP analysis.

Pre-Programmed Features Activated on Website.

  • Wave print during interruption cycle.
  • Depolarization plot.
  • Check for dynamic stray currents.
  • Fast data acquisition mode - up to 1 reading per ms for 5 minutes.

Real Time

An inconspicuous solar panel provides a reliable power source to recharge the monitor's battery. Ample power allows it to function real time to receive commands, update configuration data (i.e. alarm trip points), reporting frequencies, upgrade software, upload data files and operate as data logger without supplemental power or compromising battery life. The solar panel and battery pack have a design life of 8-10 years under normal operating conditions.

These low cost batteries are not classified as hazardous eliminating the need for special handling during shipping and disposal.


The AMCI Smart Test Station is available with GSM/GPRS, CDMA, or satellite telemetry. The satellite telemetry is small and compact; no need for extra power supplies (i.e. many satellite transceivers have power consumption that can be 50 times greater); does not require special installation procedures.


The Smart Test Station is completely configurable on the AMCI website; define input parameters, alarm trip points, alarm notification (email, voice, SMS), reporting frequency. All data is delivered to the AMCI website where it can be download in a number file formats to facilitate importing into an existing database.

Technical Specifications

Cellular GSM /GPRS Quad Band - Part # MSH1301
Cellular CDMA - Part # MSH1302
Satellite Satellite - Part # MSH1310
Operating Environment Temp: -35°C to +80°C Humidity: 0-95% non-condensing
Power Solar panel. Internal battery pack rechargeable; 8-10 year life under normal operating conditions. Reserve power: provides 4 weeks of standby power.
Size 3" diameter by 12" length (plus antenna). Mounting brackets with cable. Colors: white, yellow, red, orange, blue, black.
Inputs Reading Resolution Range
DC pipe-to-soil ref. cell #1 5 mVDC 0-5 VDC
IR Free DC pipe-to-soil 5 mVDC 0-5 VDC
AC pipe-to-soil 0.1 VAC 0-100 VAC
AC protected coupon current density 1 mA/m2 TBD
DC protected coupon current density 1 mA/m2 TBD
Native coupon DC pipe-to-soil 5 mVDC 0-5 VDC
DC pipe-to-soil ref cell #2 5 mVDC 0-5 VDC
DC current on pipeline 50 ╬╝VDC 0-50 mVDC
Website Monitoring Data Logging
Configure/define inputs Set logging frequency
Set reporting frequency Set interval
Set alarm thresholds Select parameters
Select notification method Select download format
AMCI Smart Test Station

Test Station