AMCI specializes in oil and gas pipeline monitoring using mesh technology and designs that minimize power consumption and maximize reliability.

Oil & Gas Pipeline Cathodic Protection | Advanced Monitoring & Control

Cathodic Protection

  • Rectifier Monitoring
  • Interrupter
  • Test Points
  • Critical Bonds

The AMCI Smart Test Station (STS)

The STS is a multipurpose remote monitor capable of functioning as a stand-alone monitor/data logger or as a CP test station monitor mesh node and network gateway.

Uses include:

  • Current density analysis
  • ON/OFF P/S readings.
  • Monitoring critical bonds.
  • Data acquisition (logging) for CP analysis.

Typical inputs:

  • DC P/S #1
  • DC P/S #2
  • IR Free DC P/S
  • AC P/S
  • AC protected coupon current density
  • DC protected coupon current density
  • P/S DC Native coupon
  • DC current on pipeline

AMCI Rectifier Monitor (RMU)

The RMU is a rugged, low cost option for recording volts, current and P/S.

Features include:

  • Design that virtually eliminates damage due to lightning /power surges
  • Two-way communication
  • High/Low alarm notifications.
  • Easy to use website for importing data into a record keeping database

Both the STS and RMU use a small inconspicuous solar panel to provide a reliable surge free power source to recharge the system's battery. Ample power is available for real time operation to receive commands, update configuration data (i.e. alarm trip points, calibration constants, etc), change reporting frequencies, upgrade software to both on the base station and/or mesh nodes, upload data files and operate as data logger; all without supplemental power or the risk of compromising battery life. The solar panel and battery pack have a design life of 8- 10 years under normal operating conditions.

AMCI Interrupter

The AMCI Interrupter is a major advance over other products; no bulky lead acid batteries, unmatched protection from lightning/power surges, In addition, the interrupter is totally isolated from all power sources (except optional solar power) 90-99% of the time. During the brief periods when line power is required 115/240 VAC or 10-50 VDC or VAC, The easy to read display greatly simplifies installation; readings and interruption cycles are easily verified. The GPS synchronized interrupter syncs with most portable interrupters. Relay options include 100 amp mercury or solid state for fast cycles.

The group interruption with specified start/stop times and dates are easily set on the website.

All AMCI products are available with GSM/GPRS, CDMA, or satellite telemetry. The satellite telemetry is small and compact; no need for extra power supplies (i.e. many satellite transceivers have power consumption that can be 50 times greater); does not require special installation procedures.

Alarm notification options include email, voice, and SMS are specified on the website.

AMCI mesh modules are 500 mW transceivers with a line-of-site range of 1.5 miles. A single gateway can serve pressure nodes (Hart protocol), valve controllers, valve-go switches (position) and the Cameron NuFlo Scanner 2000 microEFM well as AMCIs CP products - STS, RMUs, and interrupters.


AMCI Rectifier Monitor Base Station


AMCI Interruptor Control